Every time the weather starts to get warmer, without fail, a sense of nostalgia creeps into my mind. It takes me back to summer days when I was 16, driving around without a care in the world. It always has. But now another layer has emerged into this nostalgia. Tonight as I was driving home.. with a storm in the distance, lightning racing through the clouds.. it took me back to my life in Thailand. Living in the south, awaiting monsoon season, every night watching the clouds light up but never making a sound.

I turn the corner onto my street, the same street my parents have lived on for the past 20 years. I see my neighbor’s house, no longer my neighbor. A new neighbor now lives there. The old one, she’s still my best friend, my little sister, she always will be. We are states apart.. we’ve been countries apart. But always close. We grew up together. I can’t help but think of her every time I turn the corner. I think of the years growing up when we used to sneak out of her house and jump the fence to the park where we would get picked up. I think of the crazy parties we used to throw, years later in our 20s, when she was the sole ruler of the house.

So many memories. So much nostalgia.

They say that the only constant thing is change. But with every change I still feel a sense of remembrance. Every moment reminds me of another. It’s been an emotional roller coaster of a year, to say the least. But the nostalgia, it’s comforting. It’s home. It all is and isn’t, at the same exact time. Things will always be changing and moving, and I will always be here, living through it all. Remembering old moments, being thankful for new ones. Making memories.

All these thoughts because of a bolt of lightning that I just saw run through the clouds..

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