Every time the weather starts to get warmer, without fail, a sense of nostalgia creeps into my mind. It takes me back to summer days when I was 16, driving around without a care in the world. It always has. But now another layer has emerged into this nostalgia. Tonight as I was driving home..… Continue reading Nostalgia


I’ve been going through some things.. to say the least. It’s been a rough couple of weeks. It’s hard enough being in this foreign country and seemingly feeling alone at site. Insert an issue/event/whatever you want to call it that you didn’t anticipate happening and it can throw your whole world out of whack. I’m… Continue reading Life

Ways to know you’re integrated (in Thailand)

You can no longer speak in just English, especially with other Peace Corps Volunteers. Instead you speak a mix of English and Thai. EX: “Can we go gin kaao?” (Gin Kaao = eat food). You start to run into people you know at your neighborhood cafe.   The ants trying to build a village in… Continue reading Ways to know you’re integrated (in Thailand)