G.L.O.W./B.R.O.s Camp

This past week I had the opportunity to bring some of my students to a GLOW/BROs Camp led by another volunteer in my province! GLOW stands for Girls Leading Our World and BROs stands for Boys Respecting Others.

On the way to Camp!


Working hard on some leadership ideas
Photo Scavenger Hunt/Treetop Canopy Walk

The camp turned out to be a success! My kids had so much fun and I’m hoping we get to have a chance to bring this back to my site. We had some University Students helping facilitate the sessions which was awesome because they were able to communicate and engage the kids. The whole thing ran really smoothly and it was a lot of fun getting to be closer to my kids and learning a little more about them.

Walking through the gardens
Canopy walk
Scary!! But fun

I went to a camp with them the first month of school last semester and from then to now I can really see the difference of them opening up to me and being a little more comfortable around me. It’s definitely been a slow journey to get here but I’m starting to feel more and more positive that if I keep putting in time my relationships will grow and things will get a little easier.

My kids and co-teacher 🙂

Thanks to Molly for inviting us to the camp!! We had a blast 🙂

Such a fun camp!

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