Bpit Term (we meet again)

We’re nearing the end of this school term.. after this week I believe there are only two weeks left of classes and then the students come the first week of October for testing and that’s it. There are competitions on the horizon which means classes have been cancelled here and there this week.. probably will be next week, as well.

The school year started off strong.. I observed the first 2 weeks and then jumped right into teaching with my Counterparts. Then slowly but surely, week after week, cancellations became more frequent. Teacher Day, Sports Week, Story Telling Competitions, Scrabble Competitions, etc… etc..

Sports Day Parade

Being a first-time teacher is hard on it’s own. Being a first-time teacher in Thailand where school schedules vary so frequently can be almost demotivating. I realized after the first couple months that I was still using the same 4 or 5 lesson plans because we just didn’t have the time to cover everything adequately. Even if it took a whole semester I wouldn’t move on without feeling like my students were understanding the material.

So anyway, here we are. Almost done with the first half of the school year. I’m working on accepting the culture here and the way the Thai School system works. I’ve seen small victories in certain things and honestly that has to be enough. I’ve been stressing myself out, thinking that I have to make a huge change and do everything I can. It’s been a good life lesson, though, learning that things aren’t always going to go as planned (if ever).. but it’s okay.

I’ll take any chance I can get to color with my kids 🙂

I’ve got some new ideas for next term that I’m hoping I can sit down with my Counterparts and talk about. Baby steps. The changes will be small, but they will happen if I just be patient and stick to it. If classes get cancelled a lot again then so be it, I’ll spend the time working on something that will make me happy instead. So is life.

I can tell you one thing for sure, every time I ride my bike into school and hear the chorus of “HELLO!” and “TEACHER!” it warms my heart up, and for right now that’s enough to keep me around.

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