I have yet to ask my mother how she feels about all that is going on in America. But I have a feeling I know how she would respond. She is beyond proud to be an American Citizen and has worked hard to get to where she is today. When she was in her 20s she moved to Oklahoma from Peru, South America. I’m pretty sure she moved to America full of hope and excitement for herself and for her future children. As an opportunity to raise children who will have access to great education, access to freedom, the chance to grow up and become whoever they want to be.

When I think about bringing children into this world now, it scares me. What kind of a society will I be raising them in? With all of the recent events that have been going on, I can’t imagine being a parent right now and having to explain it all to my kids. “Why are people hurting each other?” “Why don’t they like each other because they are different?” What kind of world will my future children inherit? To me it seems like history is on it’s way to repeating itself and that terrifies me to no end.

It has to stop. All of this hate, this bigotry, this evilness. We need to stand together and speak out against it.. have those awkward conversations. Educate yourself and try to educate those around you on the situations that are happening right now. It’s hard to swallow, but it needs to happen.

I can’t help but feel a little helpless, being so far away from my country while all this chaos is going on. I am fearful, to say the least. But I am also hopeful. I believe deep down that love will overcome. I always have. Perhaps I am a softy, but in these hard times we need to radiate love, kindness, and acceptance, more than ever. So I will continue to do so while in Thailand. I will represent the good, kind hearted, and accepting people of America in everything I do here.

And when the time comes for me to have my own kids, hopefully all of this will have dissipated. But regardless of the situation, I will raise them to be the change. I will raise them to be loving and accepting individuals in hopes that they will spread that mentality to all around them.

So here I am, 8000 miles away from my country. Doing the best that I can. Speaking out against the bigotry and hate in the platforms that are accessible to me. And I hope right now that, that is enough. And I hope that soon, love will overcome.

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