On making new friends…. in the weirdest way.

Ok so first I have to say that in no way do I condone getting in cars with strangers or hitch hiking or anything of the like. This situation was super unique and unexpected… so here goes:

Yesterday I left my house around 8am to catch a van to the main town in my Province, Tap Thiang. I was going to meet a couple other volunteers at the mall there to go shopping and then we were going to grab lunch at a Mexican Food Restaurant.

So anyways, I’m walking to the van stop, which is a lot farther than I remember it being.. when all of a sudden this white pickup truck with a Thai family of 4 pull over. The mom rolls down her window and says, in English, “Hello! Can I help you??” And I start to tell her that I’m fine and just walking to the van stop (in Thai). She motions to the backseat where her two young kids are sitting and they open the door for me.

Now, normally I would not get in a car with strangers.. but in this instance it was starting to get really hot outside and I knew the van stop couldn’t be too much further down so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to get a quick 5 minute ride (if that). So I get in the car with this Thai family and they start driving down the road, then the mom asks me where I’m going and when I tell her I’m going to Thap Tiang she says they’re going there too… so imagine my surprise when we drive right past the van stop and she insists on driving me all the way to town.

So at this point I guess I’m kind of Thai Napped. I’m thinking, ok.. do they look scary? No. They wouldn’t steal me with their kids in the car, right? No way. I consider myself to have a general good sense of intuition and nothing felt off about these people so I just took it as a free ride into town. The whole car ride was pretty awkward at first, but after a while we all exchanged names and then the mom took selfies of me with her and her daughter and posted them on Facebook (“lol, check out this foreigner we found!!” I imagine would be the caption).

So we get into town and they ask me where I want to be dropped off and I tell them the mall and they say okay, but first they invite me to Dim Sum. So we eat breakfast together and share some more awkward smiles/photos and not a lot conversation and then they drop me off at the mall soon after where I met my friends.

And that, my friends, is how I accidentally hitch hiked.

I wish I had gotten the mom’s number or asked to be her friend on Facebook but I wasn’t sure if we were friendly enough for that yet. So who knows if I’ll ever see them again! All I know is that they were coming from Krabi, on their way to Pattalung and the moms name was May, the dad was Bo Bo and the son was Percy… or something along those lines. I can’t remember the daughter’s name, unfortunately. 18601426_10211094769462340_1969515103_n           18624553_10211094769582343_1676487191_n    18675056_10211094769422339_274087_o

Oh, wonderful random Thai family.. thank you for your kindness and continuing to help me see the good in people. I hope that our paths will cross again soon!

Until next time,

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