Day 10 at Site

Hello! Writing to you from a coffee shop I have discovered not too far from my home.. just a quick 5k bike ride up some hills. No big deal. I earned this green tea smoothie…

I’ve been at my new site for a little over a week, now. It’s been eventful and also not at the same time, if that is possible. The first few days went by pretty fast because school was still in session for the teachers so I was woken up early and dragged off to school the first week. Last Friday the two teachers living at my house went home for the month of April, so it’s basically just been me and my 90 year old host Yai (Grandma).

She may be close to 90 but she’ll climb up the stairs like it’s nobody’s business to make sure I’m eating enough. I’ve also seen her carve a mango with a crazy jungle knife and hack away at her garden in between her being completely Zen and staring out into the rain.

We don’t understand each other much; our communication mainly consists of smiles and nervous laughter. But I can tell that she cares and means well. I admire the fact that she can just sit on the back porch and stare out into the trees and be completely content. Today she asked me about 5 times why I didn’t eat rice with my eggs, it was quite a funny conversation.


The family that stays at my current house is usually only there at nighttime. They have two spunky kids that remind me of my brother and I when we were younger. The boy always goofing off and the girl in her own world. The mom is super kind and speaks really great English, she has kind of taken me under her wing while my counterpart is away and I am very grateful. She’s even invited me to go to Bangkok with her one of these days!
Chinese Celebration called Ching Ming or Ancestor’s Day.

Last week I went on a bike ride to the beach with another lady and her friend. It was about 20km round trip. On the way there I loved it but coming back was slightly rough. I’m determined to bike so much, though, that 20km feels like nothing. Also so that I can still enjoy an afternoon ice cream whenever I want.
I also got to go to a Teacher Appreciation Dinner with all of the teachers of my school and our Paw-aw. We feasted on delicious seafood and of course there was karaoke. I resisted at first but near the end of the night I sang a song and then was convinced to sing a couple more. Thailand Tip: If you like to karaoke you WILL be loved in Thailand. Also, know all the words to Zombie by The Cranberries because that’s a big hit here when it comes to Karaoke.

14908739998711490884841493       14906173742811490884844550
It rains a lot here, pretty much daily. I think I’ve got the rain schedule figured out, bright and sunny during the day, clouds roll in around 2pm and then the rain hits for a few hours until the sun goes down. There are the occasional all day rains, like yesterday, where I basically just colored and watched movies all day. But that’s okay, the first 3 months of training were so intense it’s nice to have a chance to relax. I’ve definitely been catching up on my sleep.

My host mom saw me taking pictures so she made the fisherman pose for me, he was a great sport
Sunset view from my house
Pier adventure with my host family

Everything is still extremely new and often times awkward. There are many things I’ve been wanting to do like: practice my Thai, Paint, and Explore. I have to remind myself that I have time and to not stress about my wants. I’m trying to take a lesson from my host grandma to be more Zen and in the moment. Thailand is definitely a lesson in learning a slower pace of life. It’s okay to just exist.

Until next time!
Peace, Love & Thai
– Ang

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