Day 63 in Thailand

Also known as: My last OFFICIAL Training Day.

I remember the first day I got picked up by my host Mom. She brought me to her Hair Salon, right next to our local 7/11 and sat me down in a chair. She then proceeded to talk to every Thai person that walked by and stopped to stare at me. At the time, I had no idea what they could of possibly been saying.

9 Weeks have passed and now I can pick up 75-85% of the conversation. There’s always a few words I don’t know, or a few sentences that flow by too fast for me to catch. But for the most part I have heard my Thai Mom explain to her friends time and time again that I speak good Thai, especially compared to the first day when all I could say is “Hello.”

My host Mom and Gao 

In a little over 2 hours I will have my final Language Test, rather than study I am just having a nice, relaxing afternoon. I feel pretty confident in my language ability. I know there is a lot for me to improve on and I hope to be more fluent as the time comes but for now I feel really prepared for my move to site.

Speaking of site, we find out tomorrow where we are all going!!!! I’m so excited. And nervous. Oh my gosh, am I nervous. It’s crazy to think about how nervous I was leaving the comfort of my hotel room to come to this community and live with a host family. Now I am beyond comfortable in this community and I am nervous to leave the comfort of my home here to start a new home in a completely new, unknown area with people I don’t know. I’m confident that my ability to integrate will help me but for now the unknown is freaking me out.

My host mom has been a true blessing. Yes, sometimes she feeds me interesting things that I can’t wrap my head around. But she has been amazing in giving me plenty of space during the week and on the weekend taking me to a lot of wonderful places. She loves to tell me that I got good luck when I got her as a host mom, and I love to agree 🙂

IMG_20170312_135234126Beautiful 100 year old house we got to take a tour ofIMG_20170312_131428072IMG_20170219_125213152Gao being the MC for our tour IMG_20170219_131132793Ancient Wat by Wat PhranonIMG_20170226_194931957Overlooking a wedding (this was seconds before I got peed on)IMG_20170226_114246933One of the many beautiful Wats we visited.

I will miss my Thai Mom a lot. She has already made me promise to tell her where I will be so that she can visit me and has made me promise to come visit, too.

I want to go more into the depths of my training experience but the 95 degrees is getting to me and this post feels long enough. So perhaps I will get to that later.

Until next time!
Peace, Love & Thai – Ang

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