Sanook Weekend

Hello Friends!

I’ve had a pretty eventful weekend.. lots of fun (sanook)!

Saturday was Thai Day, which involved all of the PCT’s and our Ajaans (teachers). Skits were performed, food prepared and lots of dancing and fun was had! I love my Peace Corps Family oh so much.


Today I visited the Ancient Market with my Host Mom and my lil Buddy Gao (previously thought to be Manny..he’s still Manny to me..) the love is finally there. No more evil stares.. well ok, sometimes evil stares. Mostly smiles 🙂

CAMERAWarriors!CAMERACAMERAThey call it the Ancient Market because it has a lot of the ruins from before. CAMERACAMERAThat evil stare once again…CAMERAThese little cuties were playing such beautiful musicCAMERAHe’s obsessed with technology, always grabbing for my camera.CAMERALil cutie!CAMERACAMERAMy host mom has figured out my love for Pad Thai 🙂CAMERACAMERAMet someone who could speak English and used to host Volunteers.. then I got interviewed for a survey 🙂CAMERABeautiful Buddha!

Until next time,
Peace, Love and Thai

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