Ang Thong

Oh wonderful Sunday! A day of rest. Or for me, a day of sleeping in until 8am and laying in bed until 9am until my host mom barges in to ask me if I’m hiu (hungry) and then ushering me to the kitchen.CAMERAIt was pretty awesome sleeping in until 8 because normally I’m in class at 8. Anyways, my mom and her friend took me to a huge market by a Wat (temple) that had a huge reclining buddha!
CAMERAHuge market! So much delicious Food. CAMERACAMERAReclining BuddhaCAMERACAMERA
We had lunch and then ventured into the temple and saw some beautiful artwork and more buddha statues. All of the Wats in Thailand are so gorgeous and unique.
CAMERALunch with my new friend!! I think his name is Manny.. at least every time he would try and escape my host mom would yell MAH KNEE! And chase after him.. also, she got him those new sandals and they SQUEAK LIKE DOG TOYS!!

Hey Parents! Do you spend the better part of your day wondering where your kid ran off to? Not anymore! Now you can hear them from a mile away with these new SQUEAK SANDALS.

It was the cutest and most annoying part of my day. CAMERALiterally BFFs now. Although I still get random looks of hatred every now and again. It’s okay, I’ll take the smiles when I can get them.CAMERABeautiful templeCAMERAMy favorite lighting!CAMERACAMERACAMERAI got a lot of awesome traditional Thai clothes to teach in. I should take a picture but I’m too lazy.. so just enjoy some more random ones for now..
CAMERACAMERACAMERACAMERACAMERAOverall awesome Sunday. I ended it with an hour at the coffee shop that has wifi..
CAMERAMy favorite thing to do is take my laptop and get work done at coffee shops so this was a dream come true being able to do this in Thailand. I will be visiting Charlotte Coffee a lot more!

Until next time,
Peace, Love & Thai!
– Ang

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