Oh Wat a Day!

Today was spent with my language class which consists of 4 of my colleagues and our Ajaan (Teacher). We biked to each of our homes and ended up at a restaurant at the end of the day. I had a wonderful time seeing where everyone lived and getting a better grasp of my surroundings. Tha Chang (my neighborhood) is very beautiful, I just want to live on my bike. Good thing it’s my main mode of transportation for the next 2 years!
CAMERASweaty and Smiley: The SequelCAMERAFarm area at one of my PCT’s homesCAMERAThis is my host mom! Her name is Mao. Child unidentified. Family? Friend? who knowsCAMERAHere we are eating snacks my Thai Mom got usCAMERAWater cups at my other PCT’s home!CAMERALunch with some fellow PCTsCAMERAHanging out with everyone post bike ride.

My favorite part of the day had to be when we were stopped at a mango tree, staring at the fruit wondering what it was (because they were green). A lady wearing a full on face mask came up to us with a basket on a very long pole and proceeded to pluck a mango from the tree for each one of us and handed them out. When we attempted to ask her how to eat them she motioned to us to follow her into her yard. She then asked us to sit down while she prepared one for us and brought us all water.

The whole time this was happening her family was eating in an open area near us. All 5 of us farangs (foreigners) were just sitting in their dining area eating our mango snack while the family continued to eat and smile at us. No one seemed to mind at all, it was as if we were old friends visiting. The whole experience really resonated with me. It is truly something wonderful to see those who have the least give the most. I strive to be as generous and selfless as the people of Thailand.CAMERASo happy with our mangos!CAMERAWhole mango and the one she sliced up for us to try.CAMERANot sure what this dip is but it was amazing.. reminded me of Tajín.

OH ALSO.. this unidentified child has been hanging around my house. I think that he belongs to the girl who has a food stand in front of the hair salon my mom works at and my mom just likes to take care of the kid for her sometimes. Either way, the FIRST DAY I was with my mom we stopped to grab this kid along the way home and she immediately placed him into my lap. He then began to bawl his eyes out and look at me with a face of pure disgust. Since that day I have tried numerous things to get him to smile and he is STONE. COLD….. UNTIL TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CAMERAThis is the normal look of hatred I receive.

CAMERAThis is the beginning of a smile I finally got from him!!! I’m taking it as a victory. Seriously. This kid hated me. Now, we are slowly becoming friends. I know I look weird kid, but I promise I’m cool ;)

Until next time,
Peace, Love & Thai


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