Thon Samo

Greetings Friends, Followers and the like!

So much has happened since my last blog post, I’m not sure how I’m going to fit it all in!

Wednesday I moved out of the very accommodating Golden Dragon to my new Thai Family’s home. My Thai Mom met me at the hotel to drive me and instantly held onto my hand and patted my knee the whole time we were sitting next to each other. I then figured out that another volunteer and I had families related in some way because when picking up my bike my Thai Mom ushered me to put it into the back of someone else’s pickup truck. Which was then followed by said person laughing a lot at the sight of it. Something along the lines of “Oh, sure go ahead and use my truck for YOUR volunteer’s stuff, not like mine needs the space..” was said, I’m sure of it. Lots of smiles.

I have been lucky enough to have my own room and a shower (although the water is cold, still lucky). The first night my Thai Mom stayed in the living room but she has not stayed here since. I’m pretty sure my Thai Dad sleeps in another separate living area that is behind our outdoor kitchen. There is also a 10 year old boy that comes and goes, not sure if he is my brother or not. I basically have this whole house to myself, or at least the main part of it.. which is nice when I need to get things done. However, my family works and stays by the 7/11 down the street, which is where I spent most of my time at tonight.

CAMERAOpen kitchen area, totally outdoors.. just has a roof

Another fellow volunteer lives next to the 7/11 and his host mom taught me how to make roses out of ribbon the other afternoon. There is also a very kind Thai lady that speaks English who is always there. She has become one of my friends. We have made many plans to go to temples and on bike rides. I’ve decided I’m going to just go straight to 7/11 from school every day to hang out with everyone. I don’t know much of what they say but they feed me a lot and laugh with me, so I feel very welcomed.

My school for technical training is a very cute Kindergarten. The children love to see us walk by for lunch, they say hello and call us beautiful. A lot of the other volunteers have little siblings. I plan to make them all my friends.

My school!

Overall the past 3 days have been amazing. I was sad to leave my home in Illinois but my heart is growing more and more full and in love with Thailand as each day passes. My appetite for travel is growing, as well. It’s only been 2 weeks but I can’t wait for the rest of the places I will experience while I’m on this side of the world.

The mosquitoes are attacking, the sun is hot, the showers cold, the roaches huge.. but the people are genuine, kind and welcoming and my fellow Peace Corps trainees are a joy to be around, as well. I am very excited for the two years to come. Now enjoy some photos!

CAMERAGuai-tiao muu (Noodles and Pork, a fave of mine and also one of the only things I’m confident in ordering)CAMERAChicken Sticks are also a fave snack of mine.CAMERAWalking to find some lunchCAMERACAMERACAMERAMy fellow PCTs (Peace Corps Trainees)CAMERAThai tea!!CAMERACAMERA
Treehouse Restaurant

That’s all for now!! Oh wait, I’ll leave you with one last photo..
CAMERAThis is my new look. I call it “Sweaty & Smiley”. 🙂

Peace, Love & Thai!


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