Down the Rabbit Hole

Hello Friends! or as the Thai say, Sawadee Ka!

I’ve been meaning to start this blog forever ago.. I thought I had time and then suddenly months turned into weeks and weeks turned into days. And now here I am, Day 3 of living in Thailand. With so much to share and still not as much time, but I will make time if it’s the last thing I do. (& it is, because I am SO ready for bed. But I HAVE to do this).

So where do I even begin? It’s been a week now since I left my home. It is 9:47pm here, which makes it 8:47am back home.. which is exactly around the time I was heading for the airport with my boo last week. (More on my boo, later).

I then headed to San Francisco for 3 days of Staging. My friend D came to visit me and send me off the proper way, which involved a Jazz Duo, Cake Pops, a Tacky yet amazing bar, and In & Out at 1am.. (see pics below). Staging was a wonderful time. I got to explore San Fran a bit, learn a lot of awesome Peace Corps (PC) things and meet some great, like-minded people who I now call my friends.

So now here I am, in wonderful Sing Buri, Thailand. Staying at a nice resort that has wifi and a/c. Do I live a cushy life thus far? Compared to where I will be after these first 10 weeks, definitely. But I’m soaking it all in and learning everything I can.

So far I have learned how to spell my name, count to 100, say basic greetings, and form basic sentences in Thai. I have ventured out into the city, scared out of my mind, but with my new friends and have absolutely loved every second of it. I’ve gone to a street market, ate a cube of coagulated pork blood, gotten too many mosquito bites to count, been followed by stray dogs.. and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I have many pictures to share, but I think that I will spread them out a bit and just choose some of my favorites for this post.

CAMERAD and I in cake pop heavenCAMERA30+ hours of travel later, I am greeted with beautiful flowers and am so happy to have finally arrived.

CAMERAWalking around the grounds of my hotelCAMERACAMERACAMERAFirst Thai Breakfast! CAMERAThere are beautiful flowers that grow all over.CAMERAVenturing out into the city.CAMERASo many new things to try! I’ve played it safe for the most part so far but I’m going to challenge myself from now on to try something new and out of my comfort zone. wish me luck. CAMERA

Until next time!

Peace, Love & Thailand


2 thoughts on “Down the Rabbit Hole

  1. Ang this blog is a wonderfull idea. So many new things at the same time and some of them will not be kept by your memory for to long, specially when everything there, would be considered “ordinary” to you. Almost 3 years is quite a bit time and what’s new now, it will be just daily life very soon.
    In the future, the blog will work, for you more than for any other person, as a diary and a proof of a track on your life.
    For family and friends, I believe that’s awesome to be able to follow your life there. I am used to be out of my homeland, so I know exactly what’s going on. Be happy all the time and you will love those people.
    Love. Sandra.

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